Nothing says PAR-TAY like a loaded-down dessert table. Pie Bar’s special Thanksgiving menu includes favorites such as Classic Apple Pie, Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie, Chocolate Chess Pie, and Pumpkin Pie.

Great news! Pie Bar has officially let you off the hook when it comes to pulling off those yummy, homemade desserts to take to all of your Thanksgiving gatherings. They’ve posted a special menu with all of the details, including pie flavors, ordering deadlines (November 19th!), and designated days for pick-up.


Pie Bar is as American as, well, you know. Lauren Bolden admits that the classic apple pie was the first one she ever baked solo.

Meanwhile, in spite of all the holiday pie-baking flurry that is surely ensuing, Pie Bar’s owner Lauren Bolden was kind enough to answer a few pressing questions to help us get to get to know these business owners a little better.

ILDW: Can you remember the first flavor of pie that you ever baked on your own?

LB: Apple!

ILDW: What did you do before Pie Bar?

LB: I worked for the Governors Office in Atlanta, and Cody worked as a project manager for a commercial construction company based out of Jasper.

ILDW: How did you and Cody meet, and at what point did you decide to open Pie Bar together?

LB: We met when we were 13 years old and started dating at 16. When we had been married for about a year, and I had been selling pies at local markets. Pie was taking up all of our free time so we decided we either needed to quit pie or quit our day jobs. So we quit our jobs and started Pie Bar.

ILDW: How has the first couple of months on Main Street been, and what lessons have you learned?

LB: We opened on Sept. 1st, and it has been better and more work than we ever expected. The community has really welcomed and embraced us, and we could not be more appreciative. Every day right now provides a new lesson: why didn’t that pie turn out just right, what is the best way to reach our customer base, what flavors sell better than others, and so on.

ILDW: What’s has been your most popular pie so far?

LB: Our number one seller is our Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie. It’s our signature pie and is usually the pie new customers come in asking about. A surprising best seller has also been the coconut cream pie. We love coconut cream, but I didn’t realize how many other people do too! We get at least a couple of phone calls a day asking if we have coconut cream pie.

ILDW: Is there anything else you want to say to all the Pie Bar fans out there?

LB: We are so appreciative of how Woodstock has truly embraced us. We love having new customers come in and discover that we really are “just a shop that only sells pie,” but what really gets us excited is seeing our returning customers. It shows us that we are doing something right! Building those relationships with our customers is amazing! We love hearing their pie-centered memories, and we hope that after having a slice of our pie, that one day they will tell someone else about us and our pies.


Pie Bar Info:
8720 Main Street; Suite 130
Woodstock, Georgia



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